Homemade Crunchy Munchy Granola

Homemade Crunchy Munchy Granola

Granola… Granola… Granola…  I have  could eat this by the bowlful.  Mostly I fill a bowl with fresh berries or fruit, add a little milk and granola.  Breakfast of champions, I say.  How about starting your morning off with a bowl … Continue reading

SouthWest Grilled Chicken with Zesty Lime Dressing


Here it is Chelsea.  The salad you never thought you would love.  My daughter asked me to make this salad and add it to the blog.  Then she told me she remembered herself and her brother dreading this salad when … Continue reading

Rosette Cookies with Royal Icing or Buttercream Icing


I love Roses… pink, coral, yellow, and white are my favourite.  Which is why Rosette cookies and cupcakes are one of my favourite things to make for my family and for gift giving.  Who doesn’t like to receive a bouquet … Continue reading

Fresh Mango Salad

Fresh Mango Salad

I love this salad.  Actually, I love any salad with fruit in it, but this mango salad may be my favourite.  The key to making this Thai style salad is to have Mango’s that are just starting to ripen.  If … Continue reading

Why did the chicken cross the street – Because it followed the “Fresh Egg Sign”

Fresh Egg Chicken Coop Sign

After making Marquee letters for an event last year, I sketched a plan for this Marquee style sign for Anna, my girlfriend Kathy’s daughter.  Last year as Anna’s birthday was nearing, I had talked to her mom about the hard … Continue reading