Easy Caramel Apple Recipe – In Any Color


One of my favourite childhood memories is getting to go to the local fair at the end of the summer.  After speeding through the strip of ride tickets we would get a candy apple to eat on our ride home … Continue reading

DIY Mason Jar Storage


This is an easy project to help with garage storage.  I’ve had this type of storage in every house we have lived in.  In our first home 22 years ago, my father in law installed something like this in our … Continue reading

No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake – Easy & Gluten Free recipe included!


I have made approximately 20 versions of this dessert.  Think of a flavour combination, it most likely can be made into this cheesecake.  Make this no bake dessert using boxed graham cracker crumbs, ground up cookies, or with a gluten … Continue reading

Pistachio Butter Cups

Pistachio Butter Cups

If you love pistachio’s you will love these.  I started making peanut butter cups and when I went to the pantry, there was not enough peanut butter and no peanuts in the jar to make more.  Hmmm. I had already … Continue reading

Pistachio Butter Truffles

Pistachio Butter Truffles

To make these delicious truffles use my recipe for Pistachio butter cups.  For the holidays I think I will add 1 cup of melted white chocolate to the recipe.  That would be a delicious truffle mix.  If you try it … Continue reading