Pretzel Bread Twists, Rolls, or Bowls

This Pretzel dough makes the most tender and soft yet chewy bread inside its firm shell.  Boiling the dough in the Baking soda water is what gives the pretzel its unique flavour and it's crust a rich golden brown color. I know you may be thinking that these look like they came from a bakery. … Continue reading Pretzel Bread Twists, Rolls, or Bowls

Easy Pumpkin Bread

I was given this recipe from my friend Phyllis who resides in Grand Bay/Westfield, NB. She is a wonderful cook and baker. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with her one year and had the pleasure of snacking on this pumpkin bread fresh from the oven.   I was hooked, and of course she happily … Continue reading Easy Pumpkin Bread

Plant based Crunchy Munchy Granola

Granola... Granola... Granola...  I have  could eat this by the bowlful.  Mostly I fill a bowl with fresh berries or fruit, add a little almond milk and granola.  Breakfast of champions, I say.  How about starting your morning off with a bowl of coconut yogurt topped with granola. This recipe is adaptable and you get to choose … Continue reading Plant based Crunchy Munchy Granola

Fresh Mango Salad – Oil Free – Plant Based

I love this salad.  Actually, I love any salad with fruit in it, but this mango salad may be my favourite.  The key to making this Thai style salad is to have Mango's that are just starting to ripen.  If they are overripe this salad can be mushy or too soft.  I usually can't handle … Continue reading Fresh Mango Salad – Oil Free – Plant Based