Shamrock Shake Surprise Cupcakes

Happy St. Patrick's Day and the month of the Shamrock Shake.  Bringing back memories of my husband's favourite date treat with his grandmother.  She lived into her 90's and it was something they shared a love of together.  The flavours are quite easy to recreate in a cupcake.  I only put the mint in the … Continue reading Shamrock Shake Surprise Cupcakes


Healthy Vanilla Cupcakes – Dairy-Free Oil-Free, Plant-Based

This is another recipe from my mom I've adapted.  I've loved this recipe since I was a little girl.  One of my favourite childhood memories include this cake.  In the summertime we would take our plastic cups, go for a walk and pick wild strawberries.  Marching proudly home with the fruits of our labour to … Continue reading Healthy Vanilla Cupcakes – Dairy-Free Oil-Free, Plant-Based

My Famous Vegan Buttercream Icing

 I'll level with you.  Technically, this icing is only famous with my family, friends, and a few others who have tasted it.  I usually get asked for the recipe from anyone who tastes it though.  Famous on a very small level.. You decide 😉 I've made this buttercream icing for years, but I wasn't vegan until … Continue reading My Famous Vegan Buttercream Icing