Chocolate Cupcake or Cake Recipe

I love this chocolate cupcake recipe.  You may be thinking that it is much easier to make a box recipe, and at times I do that too.  This recipe takes only a few minutes longer than a store-bought box.  More importantly it is the flavours that will change your mind.  As a bonus when making … Continue reading Chocolate Cupcake or Cake Recipe

Ruffled Bunting Icing Instructional Video

Here is the video attachment to make Ruffled Bunting on Cupcakes or Cakes.  I don't always make videos but my niece was here visiting and filmed it for me 🙂 This is an easy technique that hides flaws,  as it's not meant to look perfect.  I will follow this up tomorrow with a step by … Continue reading Ruffled Bunting Icing Instructional Video