Upholstered Bed frame Part 2

Building an upholstered bed frame looks much harder than it is.  If you have never worked with power tools, ask for help from a friend who is.  For building plans and instruction of the bed frame click here first.  <!--more-->I will say that if you are using a hand/manual staple gun vs a pneumatic upholstery … Continue reading Upholstered Bed frame Part 2

Upholstered Bed Frame DIY Part 1

  This is a relatively simple project.I designed my plans based on similar bed frames found on sites like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn.  The first time, I made this on my own and it took me two afternoons to complete, including the upholstery.  As you can see from some of my pictures  we made … Continue reading Upholstered Bed Frame DIY Part 1