DIY Nautical Luggage Bag Tag

DSC_9377After making these Nautical themed beach bags for an event for our office incentive vacation.  I decided to make luggage tags after not having success in finding a tag that would work for the beach bag.  My son found these online from this site and all you needed to was add the name to the pre-formated nautical style tag.

Materials needed:

  • Computer and printer (colored ink)
  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • Thermal laminating pouches
  • Thermal laminator
  • Hole punch
  • Jute twine

DSC_9314Here is the link for the site for the free printable Download, add the text, and print the tags.  Thank you

DSC_9319Cut the tags out DSC_9315DSC_9316Place the paper tag in a thermal laminating pouch. It is important that some of the plastic material is showing all around the edges so that it will close and seal solidly.
DSC_9317Place in the laminating machine and let coolDSC_9327Use a hole punch to make a hole for the laminated tag to be attached.
DSC_9333I used 3 lengths of this jute twine that I had on hand for strength.
DSC_9341Place through the holeDSC_9343Tie in a knot at the base of the tagDSC_9344Then tie another knot at the top of the stringsDSC_9345Clip any uneven endsDSC_9338Finished.  To attach.  Wrap one side of  the twine around the bag handle and place the tag through the center of the twine and pull to tighten as shown below.DSC_9669

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