Fruity Chia Seed Pudding – with video

I just want you to know how much I love this chia seed pudding.  I have loved tapioca pudding since I was little.  It gives me fond memories of visiting my Nan and her fruit filled tapioca puddings.   Chia seed pudding has a texture and taste very similar to tapioca and it is very … Continue reading Fruity Chia Seed Pudding – with video

Plant based Crunchy Munchy Granola

Granola... Granola... Granola...  I have  could eat this by the bowlful.  Mostly I fill a bowl with fresh berries or fruit, add a little almond milk and granola.  Breakfast of champions, I say.  How about starting your morning off with a bowl of coconut yogurt topped with granola. This recipe is adaptable and you get to choose … Continue reading Plant based Crunchy Munchy Granola

Oil Free, Egg free, Dairy Muffin Recipe – Plant Based

I adapted this master recipe for muffins from multiple recipes for one that would make many varieties.  Everyone has their favourite muffin flavour, however, making multiple varieties with different recipes is time-consuming.  I took a stand, Blueberry today, chocolate chip the next time.  Until, I realized I don't like chocolate chip muffins ;)<<!--more--> After a … Continue reading Oil Free, Egg free, Dairy Muffin Recipe – Plant Based