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2 thoughts on “Parties and Events

  1. Steve says:

    Hi HH – Happy New Year to you and Stace We are (trying) to leave on Wed for Fla but the weather will probably interfere. Called you up in Dec to get some creative inspiration on how to arrange a Nick Faldo signed golf flag, with a ball, with a signed Nick Faldo photo, with a score card for Licia’s first hole in one, in Palm Desert. But, in the end, we didn’t proceed. Couldn’t get something we loved. Remains a mystery ! We need to hire you ! Cheers, Steve and Licia


    • The Handy Homemaker says:

      Thanks Steve and Licia. Sorry I thought I replied to this message. Sorry, I wasn’t around to help you out. Did you figure a solution out? Looking forward to seeing you both when the snow melts 😉


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