Popcorn Container Gift

DSC_6808DSC_6803 These popcorn containers filled with goodies are one of my favorite gifts to give.  I always have these containers on hand.   You can find these containers online, at your local craft store or dollar store where I purchased these.  For only a couple of dollars more you can turn a gift card into something a little more special just by adding a couple treats and a few moments of your time.  These make wonderful Birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or a Valentines day gift as I have done here. DSC_6778

Materials needed:

  • Popcorn container
  • Shredded paper for filler
  • Various treats like candies, chocolates and microwave popcorn packages
  • Gifts cards to local movie theatre, gift card for online movie purchases, or a DVD
  • Clear cellophane wrap
  • curling ribbon – Optional –  decorative item to go with theme
  • tape
  • scissors


DSC_6791 DSC_6781 Place the shredded paper into the bottom of the container


Add the treats and the gift card


Cut a strip of cellophane large enough to bunch at the top of the filled container.  Tie shut with curling ribbon.  You may need to use tape to hold the cellophane closed on the sides.  Add a decorative item to the top.


Happy Gifting!

3 thoughts on “Popcorn Container Gift

  1. Deborah says:

    I had thought of doing this for some of my nephews and nieces but it gave me more ideas. Remember one year you gave me caramel popcorn in a new paint can. I still have the can…for storage. What a great idea!!!!


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