DIY Body Sugar Scrub Lavender Vanilla

DSC_9470 Body Sugar scrubs are perfect for keeping your skin smooth.  They work wonders for exfoliating dead skin from the body.  Using all natural products that are found in your pantry makes this an easy DIY beauty product.  I try to use organic products if I can, so using them for making beauty products at home is a win win for me.  I first started making this recipe for personal use.  I then started experimenting with different ingredients and adjusted the scents of each one by adding different oils,  essential oils, and ingredients I had on hand like lemon or lime zest.  My children and I would make it for gifts for holidays or birthdays and it was a gift that they could take part in putting together.  They also felt a sense of accomplishment when presenting a gift that they made themselves.  We frequently made peppermint sugar scrub and bath salts (or candy cane as we labeled it). You can add food colouring to this recipe if you want it a special colour to match the scent you are using.  My preference is to leave the body scrub uncoloured. Unrefined Coconut oil is not only fantastic for consumption, it has been proven to be fantastic as a natural skin moisturizer.  It contains the antioxidant vitamin E, so it can help your skin as an anti-aging product.  Part of the reason why I started using coconut oil in this recipe.  I’ve used coconut oil on my hair as a treatment for about 3 years and I usually have plenty on hand.  I keep one in my pantry and one under my bathroom sink.  Sometimes I mix it with equal part of argon oil and sleep with a night cap over night or leave on for an afternoon before rinsing out for a natural hair treatment.  Honey is fantastic for your skin and works as antibacterial agent to prevent acne, it contains antioxidants which helps slow down aging, it is used for clarifying by opening pores which helps unclog pores, and it is a great moisturizer. You can easily adapt this recipe to a scent of your choosing by changing the ingredients slightly, To adjust the amount of sugar scrub use a 1:2 ratio of the oil of  your choosing to sugar.


  • 2 Tbsp Olive Oil organic (you can substitute with jojoba, almond)
  • 1- 1/2 cups coconut oil unrefined and organic (I originally used a light organic olive oil)
  • 3 cups granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup lavender buds
  • 1 vanilla bean and/or 10-12 drops of vanilla essential oil *(optional)
  • 25-30  drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 2 Tbsp raw honey

DSC_9390 Melt the coconut oil until almost completely melted but do not allow the oil to get hot.  The purpose is to have the sugar coated by the oil not be dissolved.  Smell the coconut if you can.  I prefer organic but some coconut oils can have a roasted coconut smell.  I prefer coconut oil that has a light sweet scent that is not as harsh or overpowering.  DSC_9393Sprinkle the lavender buds with half of the lavender essential oils, stir to combine before adding to the sugar.  I have always done this step with lavender, as I think it makes the scent last longer and not lose as much of the lavender scent over time.  This could just be in my head, but it works for me 😉 DSC_9395Mix the sugar and lavender together in a bowl.  Sprinkle with the remaining lavender oil drops (add the vanilla essential oil drops if you are using instead or in combination with the vanilla bean seeds)  Stir to combine DSC_9398Pour the coconut oil over the sugar and lavender stir to combine with the sugar DSC_9401Stir in olive oil. DSC_9404I keep a mason jar full of vanilla bean pods covered in vodka.  This not only makes vanilla extract, it softens the inside of the pod making it easier to remove the seeds when I need them for a recipe.  All I do is snip the tip of the vanilla pod off and then squeeze the seeds out with two fingers.  They come out quickly and easily in a thick paste. I am lucky to have friends who own their own bee hives.  How cool is that.  I have mentioned that I could possibly do a future blog post on how they collect the honey and then I’ll make Baklava with it. Yum!  They collect the honey for personal use and for family and friends.  If you think your not a honey fan, try to find local honey seller/Beekeeper you might just be shocked by the taste and flavor difference.  It really is quite delectable.  I’m craving honey ice cream right now.  Ok.. I know back to the sugar scrub. DSC_9406Add in the honey and vanilla bean seeds and stir until combined.  The sugar should be thick, with a creamy like texture. DSC_9407Scoop the sugar scrub a container of your choosing.  Adding a label if you are giving as a gift is a great touch.  I found these jars with the matching labels at Target.  However you could quickly make your own labels from cardstock, or print labels onto label paper available at stores that carry office supplies. DSC_9412 DSC_9420I placed a small round label on the bottom of the jar with the date made and best before date.  The sugar scrub would most likely still be fine to use after 3 months as it is not being consumed.  Coconut oil contains lauric acid which helps kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  Like any product that does not contain added preservatives, take notice of the texture and/or the scent of the body scrub when nearing the best before date.  If you notice a change, discontinue use. DSC_9447Tie on a bow around the jar DSC_9475You don’t need to use a purple bow using a natural sisal/jute bow or maybe plain jute string and attach a label to that.  DIY bath salts in combination to the body sugar scrub makes for a fantastic gift. DSC_9508I am making these for gifts so I placed a few other bath related items in the baskets.  I purchased these at Michaels but have also purchased these items from the local drug store.


4 thoughts on “DIY Body Sugar Scrub Lavender Vanilla

  1. GE OBrien says:

    So nice Mina, but I’m too lazy, I’ll buy mine, or “wait for a gift”, you know where I am in summer!!!


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