Easy Dry Spice Rub


This spice rub came about while planning a large family barbecue.  Everyone loved the ribs with this rub and my homemade bbq sauce.
It didn’t occur to me to mix it up in larger quantities and store the spice mix in jars until, I was out of a few key spices when I needed it.  I stared at my little hen scratched recipe card was beat up and covered with bbq sauce fingerprints and pouted a bit.  I now mix up large quantities to make sure I always have on hand.

This is my go to spice when I am having a big bbq event, party or even our family BBQ Rib Off.  This dry spice rub is a universal rub that works well with all kinds of meat.  I love it on beef and pork ribs, and it adds delicious flavour when smothered on a pork shoulder in my pulled pork recipe.

It is really rather simple.  I have provided below a small quantity and a large quantity measure if you ever want to give as a gift.

Easy Dry Spice Rub

  • Servings: 1.5 cups
  • Difficulty: easy
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Yields:  1.5 cups                                                  Fills about 16- (250 ml jars)

  • 2 Tbsp cumin                                                    2 cups
  • 2 Tbsp paprika (smoked)                               2 cups
  • 2 Tbsp chili powder                                         2 cups
  • 2 Tbsp garlic powder                                       2 cups
  • 2 Tbsp onion powder                                       2 cups
  • 2 tsp black pepper                                           1/2 cup
  • 2 tsp dried parsley                                           1/2 cup
  • 2 tsp dried cilantro                                          1/2 cup
  • 2 tsp white pepper                                           1/2 cup
  • 1 Tbsp cayenne                                                 1 cup
  • 1 Tbsp mustard powder                                  1 cup
  • 2 tsp celery seed                                               1/2 cup
  • 1 Tbsp dried thyme                                          1 cup
  • 2 Tbsp sea salt                                                  2 cups
  • 2 Tbsp brown sugar                                        2 cups
  1. Measure and add all the spices and ingredients into a bowl or a large bowl.
  2. Whisk together until completely mixed and blended.
  3. Add the spice to a jar and twist the cover on tightly to keep the spices fresh.
  4. Now you are ready to use as per taste or recipe.
  5. For the large quantity add to 25o ml jars.  Tightly screw on lid. Label and add gift tag.

The flavours are always a hit so this year I gave some of these out for gifts along with my homemade hot sauce.  I thought it would be fun to order labels from Evermine again.  These labels take a homemade gift up 10 notches in my opinion.
I buy most of my herbs and spices from the bulk barn. It makes it easier for the large batch.

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