Babies, Bow ties and Bubbly : Tissue Pom Poms


How fun and easy are these tissue paper pom poms, I’ve been making these for years. I think I originally saw them on a Martha Stewart show or in the magazine. I started getting her magazines in 1995 and just stopped my subscription last year as I usually just go online now. I think that comment just dated me. As a reference, here is a link to the website that shows how to make them These are so easy that the 6 and 8-year-old were making them with adult help. The hard part is finding inexpensive tissue paper in the colors you want.

Materials needed:

Tissue paper
Ribbon for tying center and hanging
Scissors for cutting ends (if desired)



When you make your stack of 20 tissue paper you can adjust the size of the pom pom by adjusting the width. My tissue was purchased at the Dollarama and I just cut the stack in half to make the pom pom and counted out 15 sheets for mine. That way one package made 4 pom poms. I cut ribbon in 48 inch sections in coordinating colors to tie these


Nice to have and extra set of hands.


A pile of pom poms

20130808-095445.jpgHanging over the cake table

20130808-095551.jpgPerfect over the gift table, Which also held the plates of bow tie pins for guests to wear.


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