Babies, Bow ties, and Bubbly : Onesie Bunting Banner

Gift Bag Tags DIY


I used the onesie cookie cutter as a stencil.  I traced 24 of these to use as gift tags


Cut out the onesie gift tag patterns.  Place the neck of the onesie in the Thank you punch and firmly punch.


I purchased this Martha Stewart Thank you punch at my local Michael’s


Tie on the thank you cards with coordinating ribbon.  Print the guests names if you like.  I only added names on a couple of tags for the children who were attending the shower.

Bow tie Onesie Flag Bunting 


I found a free template online for the onesie shape I preferred.


Print out the pattern onto plain paper, (I enlarged mine approximately 125% on my HP printer as I wanted to get four onesies to a sheet of scrapbook cardstock)  Copy onto to cardstock, cut out onesie pattern seen above in white.  Trace onto cardstock in coordinating colors.


Stack in piles and then lay out in a pattern.  I chose to draw on bow ties but you could certainly stamp on if you had a bow tie stamp, or cut out mini bow ties and attach with glue.


I used a hole punch to make the hole for the ribbon to tie each onesie together.  I used plain white ribbon cut in 12 inch lengths and tie a double knot on each end.  I made three of these, one for the refreshment table, one for the door of the hostess’s home, and one for the guest book sign in table.  This table also included a thank you card envelope for each guest to write their address on to save the Mommy-to-be sometime on writing her Thank you cards.  Another great Idea from our lovely hostess.

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