Thanksgiving cupcakes

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Carrot Cupcakes

I love baking cupcakes! I love eating cupcakes! I love practicing and trying out new flavours and decorating ideas, but I can’t have an entire batch of cupcakes in my home all the time. That would land in the category of too much of a good thing is not great for the body. In order to have fun with new ideas I purchased small bakery boxes online so that I could give part of my baking batches away. I still get to indulge and taste what I have created and I also get the joy of someone else’s happiness upon receiving a package like this. I created these last Thanksgiving.

The recipe’s I used  were Dark Chocolate, Carrot, and Vanilla.  With Cream cheese icing, chocolate ganache, and Buttercream Icing recipe. Let me know your favorite flavour combination.


These adorable sticker’s that I purchased at Michael’s gave the gift a little extra Thanksgiving pizzazz.


Little marshmallow fondant leaves, the receivers of these boxes of yumminess were very thankful. Nothing makes my day more than hearing how happy I’ve made someone, with just a small gesture.


Chocolate with Butter-cream icing, and Carrot with Chocolate Ganache, my personal favorite.


Carrot cupcake with Cream Cheese Icing with marshmallow fondant pumpkins.

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