Holiday Events Centerpiece and gifts. Matching Snowman cookies, Snowman Bath fizzies, and Soap. Holiday Event Decorations and Gift Bags


Christmas is coming!  I wanted to show that inspiration can come from anywhere.  I found these super cute snowman last year at Costco in a box of two.  I immediately bought them as when I saw their simple design I knew they would look great on the tables for our event.  The colors were bright and festive and they had just the right amount of detail that I knew I could make royal icing cookies for the table and soap and bath fizzies for the gift bags.  They didn’t have too much detail so they were easy to replicate.


There were four different styles.  I placed both in the middle of the table on mirrored tiles and scattered glittery foam snowflakes and trees around the table.  With a few clear tealights set around the table, they looked fabulous.  Easy breezy..


Once the fabulous staff at the Delta in Halifax start setting the tables in white linens, and I’m able to get to work.


I wasn’t going to make cookies for the place settings one year and I got plenty of feedback saying everyone loves the cookies.  Here is a picture of all 4 styles of cookies that I made to match. These are sugar cookies cut with a circle cookie cutter and decorated with Royal Icing.


Loved how simple these were to make and they looked so festive, and colorful on the tables.


Matching snowman bath fizzies for each snowman, which everyone was loved!! I will post
more photos of every style when Marcy sends me the photos she took at the event of the
gift bag items. This is the only photo on my camera, and the lighting isn’t great but you get the idea. I did bath fizzies with green, blue, and red hats. Bath fizzies are bath bombs, I just prefer the word fizzies. I now hear everyone wants snowman bath fizzies every year like the royal icing cookies. haha

So don’t be afraid to try a project like this.  These would also make a wonderful gifts if you didn’t want to make the soap and bath fizzies.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Events Centerpiece and gifts. Matching Snowman cookies, Snowman Bath fizzies, and Soap. Holiday Event Decorations and Gift Bags

  1. Sharon Goodwin says:

    Your entire website is wonderful. Those Bath fizzies and cookies are adorable. Are you selling? Your site brings back home-made traditions and very useful ideas!!! It is wonderful you are providing a very kindred generosity of homemaking tips and sharing your joy with others, many thanks!!!


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