Mardi Gras Masquerade Party

Mardi Gras is on Tuesday March 4th this year and this would be the weekend to be New Orleans.  I thought it was good timing  to share pictures of a Mascarade Gala Event I helped plan a few years ago.  I wasn’t thinking of future blog posts when I took a few pictures, but hopefully you get a few useable ideas for your Mascarade or Mardi Gras themed event.  When thinking of ideas, I turn to the internet to aid with ideas.  Usually I have something in my mind but can’t find it to buy.  When that happens I make it myself, like these life size wall hanging masks.


After taking a quick peak of the room we would be hosting our event in I mapped out where the band, seating area, gift tables, and photography booth would be set up.  I took a few pictures of the room so once I got home I could refer to when planning what decorations to purchase.  My favorite place to get inexpensive gifts and decorations is Oriental Trading website.  The room we used had eight sconces around the room which suited the room, but not my event.  I made these large masks to hang in front of the sconces.  These masks were covered in glitter which sparkled at night with all the candles and lights from the band.


Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of the tables completed.  Here we are starting to lay out what decorations will be on each setting.  The centerpieces were easy to put together.  See bottom of post.


Mascarade Sugar cookie mask I made.  These cookies were baked with a cookie stick in and actually looked like real hand held masks.  I was very pleased with how they turned out and my feedback from the guests.  I will put a post on how to make these cookies.


The Band Set up.  The background Fringe Curtain sparkled in the evening with the lighting.

The tables set up from a distance.


The masks on each of the sconces around the room


This is how the masks looked in the evening on the sconces with the lights on low.  They glowed and the glittered shimmered.


Getting the welcome area set up.  The photography booth was set up in a room adjacent where each guest had a professional picture to take home.  

Our beautiful daughter was in costume to hand out masks, beads and direct each guest to the photo area.


Our guests were greated by our son/coat check boy as they excited the elevator.

Mardi Gras Mask centerpieces

Materials needed:

  • vases
  • small votive glasses
  • small white votive candles
  • various mardi gras beaded necklaces
  • mardi gras coins
  • Jester mask ( I purchased from Oriental Trading)
  • Plastic white face masks
  • Small mardi gras half masks
  • white glue
  • glitter in gold, purple and green


To make the three tone mask I painted 1/3 of the mask with white glue by hand, sprinkled with gold glitter and then let dry.  I repeated with each color, drying in between.

  1. Add the votive with candle.
  2. Start layering beads of various shapes and of the three colors unitl you almost reach the top of the votive.
  3. Add a few Mardi Gras coins to the top of the beads
  4. Stagger and wrap three small mardi gras half masks on one side of the vase
  5. Add the jester mask or the glittered whole face mask to the other side.



That’s it! Your done.  The glitter is what makes these centerpieces stand out in the center of the table.  Be sure to use vases that don’t impede the view of the guests at the table.

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