Popping Champagne T-shirt..

Champagne T

POP… FIZZ… CLINK…!! If your New Year’s Eve plans are a little casual this year, try making this fun t-shirt to get into the spirit.


  • T-shirt or tank top with smooth texture.  Ribbed fabric that is meant to be worn tight is not meant for this project
  • Martha Stewart Multi-Surface acrylic craft paint. (Says it’s for fabrics as well after 21 days if you use it on glass you can put it in the dishwasher. So I figure this is the stuff) the colors I used were gold, school bus, marmalade, mace, sycamore bark,seaweed, & beetle black. This paint dries quickly.
  • Tulip Fabric paint in Gold and Liquid Pearl
  • *Acrylic paint will only work for this project if mixed with fabric medium.  This will make it stable for laundering
  • Pencil and cardstock (printer if printing out)
  • Fine tip multi size paint brushes all-purpose (soft bristle brushes are easier to use)
  • Paper towel
  • Water to clean brushes


Step 1 – Sketch out a champagne bottle (or any image you want to put on your t-shirt) to the size you want on a piece of cardstock.   If sketching is not your thing search for a champagne or wine bottle image to print out scaled to the size you want.


Step 2 – Lay your shirt out with either a piece of cardboard or an art board/pallet between the two layers of material to prevent paint from going through to the back.  Place the picture inside on the cardboard inside your shirt. Position and tape in the desired position.  Start outlining the pattern, this gives you a guide and the paint on the edges will start to dry to prevent bleeding as you add more paint.


Step 3 – I used a bottle of Veuve Clicquot as a model and started to outline each section of the bottle with the correct color paint. Don’t use water to thin as it may bleed past your design.  Be careful not to move the pattern while the paint is still wet.


Step 4 – If blending is required to get a specific color or shadowing do so while the paint is wet.  Go back over any color that need a touch more paint or needs to be blended.  Let dry before adding layers of color that need to be painting over a color ie: the black printing for the label.


Step 5 – Paint on a cork a few inches from the top of the bottle.  This is so that the cork appears to be popping out.  Stop freaking out that it isn’t perfect.  It’s a just for fun t-shirt..

Step 6 – Use the Fabric dimensional paint to make the spray and I added little hearts to the spray. I wanted it to look like it was heart-shaped Bokeh. Not sure it’s exactly what I was envisioning, but it will work for its purpose.


Step 7 – Fini!! Let dry for 3-4 hours or overnight.


Step 8 – Wear with pride.  This t-shirt is now delicate cycle machine or hand-washing.  I would hang to dry.  For more ideas and tips on using fabric paint on clothing click here.



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