Moustache T-shirt


HOW CUTE IS THIS! I’ve seen a few of these tee’s lately. It seems a moustache is still a fun and funky right now. Well maybe on clothing or school binders and such. Well of course, on men sporting a Movember moustache as it’s for a great cause “Prostate Cancer”. *It only seems fitting to include the link to the Canadian Movember website


My darling god-child came for a weekend visit and we made this one together. She was pretty excited about wearing it.


Finished T-shirt.

Follow these next steps to make your own.

Moustache T-Shirt Materials:

  • 2-3 pieces of white cardstock
  • Cardboard 8.5″ x 11′ or a little larger
  • T-shirt of your choice, size, colour. (Dark colors will be hard to trace through, so you will need to be good at freehand drawing the pattern on)
  • Fabric paint – Tulip Slick dimensional fabric paint color of your choice
  • Fabric Glitter – Tulip Fashion Glitter
  • Soft angled paint brush – The ones pictured were purchased at Michael’s craft store
  • Paper towel – to clean the tip of the fabric paint while tracing the edge of pattern.
  • Printer ( unless you draw the moustache free hand) I just printed and enlarge mine until it was the size I wanted)



  1. Print or freehand your pattern. You could do any pattern you want not just a moustache
  2. Lay the t-shirt on a flat surface.
  3. Place the piece of cardboard inside the t-shirt to protect the backside of the t-shirt.
  4. Centre your pattern in the location you desire on top of the cardboard. (if your t-shirt is extremely thick and a colour this can be challenging. So maybe for your first attempt, stick with white. I lucked out and got these T’s at H&M for a low price. Michael’s (local craft store) has plain t-shirts that will work great for this project for one stop shopping.
  5. With the cover on I shake the fabric paint like a pen to get the paint near the tip to help eliminate any bubbles in the paint. Remove the cover, and clean the tip of the fabric paint to make sure there is no extra paint on the end. If you have never used fabric paint like this, I recommend testing how to squeeze a line on a piece of paper towel. 20130827-210708.jpg
  6. Starting with the edge trace the pattern slowly and carefully. If you squeeze too hard then you could make a mess and there is not turning back. This paint will not come off. (Now if you do, you can try to make your entire pattern bigger) Always make sure your hands and materials are free of paint.20130827-210719.jpg
  7. After you’ve outlined the pattern start filling the inside with lines of the fabric paint as shown in the above picture. A little goes a long way. You can always add more if needed.20130827-210733.jpg
  8. Using the soft angled brush start smoothing the inside fabric paint to make the design solid. Take your time, this paint does not dry that fast so you will have the time needed to make sure it is tacky enough for the fabric glitter to adhere. The paint does not need to be perfectly smooth. Just try not to push the edge paint. 20130827-210746.jpg
  9. After the pattern is completely filled in with fabric paint slowly sprinkle the fabric fashion glitter over the painted pattern. Completely and thickly cover the pattern with glitter. Don’t worry you will be able to shake off and reuse the extra glitter.20130827-210756.jpg20130827-210805.jpg
  10. After you completely and thickly covered in the design with glitter. Carefully set a clean piece of card-stock on top of the glitter and “GENTLY” press the glitter into the paint for a couple of seconds, carefully lift the paper off.
  11. Leaving the glitter pile to dry, start tracing the wording you chose. ( Again with the cover on, I make sure to shake the paint to the tip as I did in the beginning). Leave to dry overnight. 20130827-210814.jpg
  12. Once dry, shake off the excess glitter onto a sheet of paper and pour back into the glitter bottle.
  13. Give your t-shirt a good shake (outside preferably)  Glitter all over the floor…     20130828-105701.jpg
  14. Wear with Pride!!


  • The fabric paint and fabric glitter say you can machine wash, but if you do I recommend turning inside out.
  • Hang to dry.

* The Handy Homemaker and myself are not affiliated with the Movember Canada, but my Grampy passed from prostate cancer and I like to support and share the importance.

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