Get your Ducks in a row ~ Baby Shower or Easter theme Cookies

DSC_9219Ducky, Teddy Bear, Seahorse, Flamingo, Sheep, & Flower Cookies are perfect for Easter, a baby shower or a baby gift basket.  I just wanted to show you how you can use a design on a card, gift wrap/bag, or clothing to get a design for cookies.  Very special friends were having babies… How exciting!! This calls for something special. DSC_9235I made these for a baby shower but these would be perfect for Easter too!! DSC_9241I started off by shopping for the new babies and then used some of the designs on the clothing and the gift bag as cookie patterns.  I have about 500 plus cookie cutters as I have made royal icing cookies for a very long time, and I can usually find something that will work or look similar.

Tips if you don’t have a cutter that matches the design or pattern:

    • Trace or print the design out to the correct size.
    • Cut the pattern out and trace on a piece of very thick (food safe clean) cardboard.  Cut this pattern out.
    • Place the cardboard pattern on the prepared chilled cookie dough and carefully follow the edges of the pattern with a small paring style knife.
    • Trace or print the design out to the correct size.
    • Find an existing cookie cutter that the pattern will fit in.  You may need to use a paring knife to cut off a small part of the cookie dough that isn’t needed once cut out.  Just be sure to cut every cookie the same way and that the pattern fits
    • Using that cutter cut out the cookie in the prepared chilled dough.  Bake as per instructions.
    • Once cool to keep the cookies uniform, lay the pattern back on the cookie and gently trace the edges of the printed pattern into the cookies using a paring knife.
    • Decorate with Royal icing as per your design

Ingredients & Materials Needed:

Ducky Cookies:

DSC_9123Start by using a #1 round tip to pipe the beak of the chickDSC_9124 DSC_9125Pipe the edges first

DSC_9126Then fill in and let rest for 10-15 minutes.  It only needs to be set so the icing doesn’t run off.  If the icing is dry the disco dust won’t stick.  If you are not using Disco Dust, move along to the body of the duck after the beak has set.DSC_9148Disco Dust is sold online from various Baking supply retailers.  It is non-toxic but I suggest you do your own research to choose whether to use or not.DSC_9152Sprinkle a small amount of disco dust on the beakDSC_9153Gently tap the duck to disperse the disco dust and remove excessDSC_9155I use a small dish for this step.
DSC_9160Pipe the edges of the ducky using piping consistency royal icing
DSC_9162I let the icing set for a minute or two but not longer than that before I start filling the center with flood consistency icing.DSC_9163I start to flood by piping slightly on top and along the outside edge that I just piped to keep the flooding icing in placeDSC_9165Continue by finishing the inside of the cookie.  To make the polka dots smooth with the yellow icing, start adding a tiny dot of each color icing into the yellow as soon as you finish adding the flood icing.  If you want the polka dots to be raised you will need to let the yellow flood icing dry for 2-3 hours or overnight.DSC_9204DSC_9206Continue until all of your duckies are in a row 😉
DSC_9218Love these Teal duckies

Teddy Bear Bunting cookies:


Pipe the edges of the Teddy Bear

DSC_9131Start filling with flood consistency icing as per the ducky instructions

DSC_9132Fill the center

DSC_9134Repeat the above steps with the white teddy bearsDSC_9135 DSC_9138Add the polka dots by gently pressing a small dot of icing into the white icing, release pressure on the icing bag and lift up.DSC_9139Let dry for 2-3 hours or overnightDSC_9143These Teddy bears need a nap..
DSC_9175Once the yellow and teal bears have set, I add paws, ears, and noses.  Because the first icing has set this icing will stay raised and puffy.
DSC_9176Add some bunting flags if you like by piping a line of icing from each paw.  Add the triangle flags in a zig zag motion.  Release pressure (Stop for a second) on the piping bag at each point before starting each line in the zig zag.  Fill in with matching icing.  I am using a #1 wilton round tip for these details.DSC_9178Let the icing dry for 10 minutes or more before adding the letters to the bunting.  Tiny letters are tough to make perfect… so don’t try to be.. These will be eaten remember.  Add eyes and a bow tie if you like 🙂 DSC_9181


Flamingo Cookies:

IMG_6033This was my inspiration 🙂 Baby clothes are so cute!DSC_9167Add the wings and tip of the beak then add the disco dust per the above directions.  Let set before adding the yellow part of the beak DSC_9170Add one of the flamingo legs and let set until almost dry before adding the second.  This allows definition between each legs and prevents icing from joining together.DSC_9172Pipe the outside edges of the Flamingo
DSC_9180Add the second leg and foot

DSC_9185Fill in the body of the flamingoDSC_9213Let dry overnightDSC_9210

Flower Cookies:

DSC_9169With a #2 round tip pipe a large dot in the center of the cookie.  Press and hold until the circle is almost the diameter you want.  Release pressure and pull up.  The icing will settle slightly.  Add the disco dust as per above instructionsDSC_9174Pipe the cookie edges, let set slightly and then fill with flood icingDSC_9220I wanted the outline edges to show on these cookies so I let set longer before flooding.DSC_9223

Sheep or Lamb Cookies:

DSC_9129Pipe the feet and nose as per ducky instructions.  Pipe the body of the sheep with the thicker icing and let set for 5 minutes.  Using the same thicker edging icing start filling in the sheep in with a swirl motion until the body is filled with icing. And the pattern of fluffy fur is visible
DSC_9128You do not use flood consistency… It will flatten out.  Use the thicker icing that is for piping edgesDSC_9127DSC_9233I made the pink sheep fur curlier than the blue 😉   To add an eye, wait until the first layer of icing has set or dried.  Add a small dot of blue icing in the area for an eye, you can immediately add the yellow icing dot to settle within the blue, or wait until this icing starts to set and then add for dimension.  If I am making lots of cookies with eyes or parts that I want raised I pipe them onto a sheet of parchment paper and let dry.  Once set and dry, peel,and attach to the cookies with a tiny dot of icing to the back of the icing transfer.  You will only need a small amount to make the transfer stick.

Seahorse Cookie:

DSC_9224I didn’t take step by step on these cute Seahorse’s.  Frost as per the ducky and teddy bear cookies above.  Pipe the eye on once the first layer of frosting has set.

How to seal cookies in cellophane bags for freshness and gift packaging ideas:

  • Bag Sealer
  • Cellophane cookie/treat bags
  • cookies

DSC_9246I have had this bag sealer for a very long time.  I only use it for cookies and baked goods to make sure it is always clean and contaminant free.  Place the cookie in the cellophane bag and place the excess cellophane inside the sealer.  Press the front of the sealer down to heat seal and remove the excess cellophane.  Repeat this step on any part of the packaged cookie that need to be cut off DSC_9245This keeps the cookies fresh for up to 2 weeks.
DSC_9260Place the cookies in another cellophane bag and tie to the outside of the coordinating gift bag.DSC_9241Place wrapped and sealed cookies in a large bakery box or gift box for gift givingDSC_9249Cut a wooden skewer in half and place along the backside of the cookie

DSC_9251Tape in placeDSC_9252Tape the excess cellophane at the top and bottom of the cookie to the wooden skewer to add support DSC_9244Place tissue or shredded crinkled tissue paper in a basket or boxDSC_9254Arrange the cookies inside by placing the skewers in the tissue.DSC_9266Wrap with cellophane and ribbonBaby shower Easter CookiesA perfect treat for momma



4 thoughts on “Get your Ducks in a row ~ Baby Shower or Easter theme Cookies

  1. Debra Firlotte says:

    I received some of these beautiful cookies from this most thoughtful person for my daughter’s baby shower last year. They definitely taste as good as they look in these amazing pictures!! Truly a work of art! Thank you for this post. I really enjoyed seeing how my special gift was created. XO


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