Easter Cream Egg Cupcakes

DSC_7691In a hurry? Need a quick treat to make for your child’s class Easter party.  This easy cupcake will satisfy the sweet tooth, and your inner need to bake something “Pinterest worthy” without all the fuss.  To a couple of my girlfriends who are Cream (Creme) Egg Crazy.. Enjoy this treat is for you 😉


  • Vanilla Cake Recipe or Boxed Vanilla Cake mix
  • Buttercream Icing
  • Cupcake liners
  • FROZEN – Easter Creme Egg minis (2 per cupcake)
  • Icing bag and large tip of your choosing.  (I used a 12 round)

DSC_7387Place the entire package of mini eggs in the freezer and freeze for a few hours or overnight.  I have made these without freezing and the creme egg melts into the cupcake without holding it’s shape or contents.  DSC_7404After freezing, peel the foil label off the creme egg mini set aside or back into the freezer until ready to place in the Vanilla Cupcake batter.DSC_7416Prepare then place one tablespoon of the cupcake batter into each baking cup/tin.DSC_7425Press one frozen mini egg into the cupcake batter.DSC_7428Top with more batter to cover the mini egg and fill the cupcake liner 3/4 full.DSC_7430Place in the preheated 330° oven and bake until you see light golden edges or 17-18 minutes or as per directions in the recipe of the cake batter you are using.  Remove from the oven.  Let cool before icing.DSC_7566Using a piping bag, top each cupcake with a swirl of icing, or use a knife and spread a generous portion of icing on.  Top with an Easter Creme Egg mini.DSC_7729Enjoy!! DSC_7733Here is what the inside of the cupcake looks like when cut in two.  That’s a yummy surprise.


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