Halloween Party Favors


I was quite excited to find this package of 80 mini play-doh at Costco.  I love seeing all those little faces at our door, especially now that my children are too old for “Trick or Treating”.  I try to make special little treats for the kids we know in our neighbourhood.  When I saw these I thought they would be a perfect addition to my special treat boxes.  I decided to use only the green, white, yellow, black, and orange colors.  The rest I saved for those times little kiddo’s are visiting and are looking for something to do.   My children loved to package up the treat bags every year, and this year I had a young neighbour friend, Abby come visit and package up part of the treat boxes for me.


I found mini dough cutters at Target for only a dollar a package and tied two on with curling ribbon.  These would be perfect for a children’s Halloween party favour.


A special “Thank You” to Abby for packaging all the little tubs of Play-doh for me.  One of each color placed in a small clear treat bag tied off with a twist tie or curling ribbon.


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