Homemade Laundry Powder Soap

I love this laundry powder/soap.  I decided to try it last year as I saw a version of it on the David Suzuki website by the queen of green.  I tweaked that recipe (which they no longer have a link to) a little bit and I use my own homemade soap but for demonstration purposes, I am using a store brand that works well.  I buy my powders in bulk however these brands pictured work just as well.    It works great in my HE front loading washer.  It doesn’t get foamy or produce a large amount of suds.  My clothing comes out fresh smelling but not too scented.  My son has sensitive skin (eczema) and this does not irritate his skin.

  • Since I started using this powder I haven’t had a problem with a moldy smelly washing machine.  Also, I keep my washer door shut about 75% of the time.

This powder works very well on sheets, towels, dish towels, gym, and yoga clothing.  I find it helps to remove the smells that can get trapped in fabrics.  I have used it on the most unpleasant smelling hockey clothing/gear and it removes most the smell.  (I had to use extra scoops and pause and let soak mid-wash)  Add a scoop or two directly to the washer and turn on.  For tough stains or odors, you may need to wash more than one time.

  • Please wash hockey gear at your own risk ( I hang to dry).. you may end up with a very unhappy hockey player.  I personally have never had a problem with shrinkage or things falling apart from just using the front load washer.  


Ingredients Needed:

  • 2 kg boxes of Baking soda (or 4 – 500g)
  • 3 kg box of Washing soda
  • 2 kg Box of Borax
  • 4 – bars of homemade soap approximately (14-16 oz) OR 2 packages store bought washing soap bars (4 – 130 g bars)
  • optional *d-Limonene 5% scent load max…

Materials needed:

  • chopping board
  • knife
  • food processor
  • large bowl
  • storage container


1.  Chop or shred all four bars of soap into small chunks.  Place in a food processor.  Add a 1/4 of the baking soda or one small box.


2.  Start by pulsing the soap and Baking soda mixture.  Once the mixture is ground down to small pieces start adding another 1/4 or small box of the soda.

3.  Allow the mixture to grind down until you get it to resemble almond meal.  If using d-limonene essential oil slowly add it now with the food processor running.  Pour into a large bowl and add in the remaining ingredients.


4.  Mix all ingredients until well combined


5.  The mixture should look as the above picture.


6.  Store in a large covered container.  I add the laundry powder directly to the washer, it will get clumpy in the soap dispensing tray.  Add the laundry and start the washer.

7.  This batch makes about 126 – 60g loads of laundry or 101 – 70g loads.  I use 70 grams of detergent per washer load of soiled laundry.  Extra-heavy soiling I use 2 scoops.

8.  For those of you who are interested in per load cost value, it worked out to be about 17 cents per 70gr load of laundry.



* Putting your washer on pause or hold after the laundry powder has been dissolved and the fabrics are saturated with water helps remove the tough stains.

* Add two capfuls of white vinegar and re-launder clothing to remove the musty smell that can happen to clothes left in the washer too long.

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