White Glazing with Milk Paint

I love this glazing technique.  I have used it many times on projects I have worked on and I have never been dissatisfied. I love this paint mostly because of its ease of use, and its free of fumes. This project is a very simple technique.   Upon first using milk paint, you may be nervous as the paint sometimes can feel gritty or have small lumps in it.  But a light sanding in between coats can eliminate that.  However, you will not need to worry about that with this project.  These are the feet to the upholstered bed frame I made.  Click here for Step 1 & Step 2 of that project.

Materials needed:

  • Medium brown stain  ( minwax- special walnut)
  • Milk paint or acrylic paint in a light grey, cream or white color
  • Foam paint brushes
  • Plastic cup for mixing the paint
  • Water
  • Paper towel
  • Hemp oil or furniture wax paste for sealing

DSC_7125 - Version 2

I use Miss Mustard Seed paints and products on many of my painting projects.  It has no fumes so I can do a project in my kitchen if I want to.  It’s easy to work with and I can mix colors and amounts as I need them.


  • Completely cover with a light coat of stain on each wooden bed frame foot.


  • Let stand to dry for 30 minutes to 1 hour.


  • Mix a small amount of milk paint as per the directions on the label.  Or add a small amount of acrylic paint to a cup and slightly water down.


  • Brush the paint all over the stained foot until completely covered.


  • Do not let dry.  Immediately start wiping most of the white paint off the wooden foot.  Until you get the look desired.


  • Set aside and repeat on all the remaining bed frame feet.

White antiquing with Milk Paint

  • Let dry.


  • Once dry, seal the feet with hemp oil, or furniture wax, or both.

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